The Network with Michael Drysdale

July 19, 2018


On the 26th of June, I met with Michael Drysdale, founder of “The Network”, to record a challenging podcast that covered, not only my career and cyber security but also talk about some personal attributes of my life and this wonderful thing called networking.  Those who know me well, know how much I love being around people, learning about the intricacies that make that make people do what they do and how I can aid in making that person better.  We live such a short life and there is no point beating around the bush.  Live every day like it is your last.


Michael is a warm, wonderful and professional podcast producer.  One of his key strengths is the pre-podcast interview that is carried out to get to know the subject of his podcasts.  This was a great experience, and with the right questions, helped me to understand more about myself and where I have come from in my career, why i love working and knowing so many people and what helps drive the passion in what I do as a career.  Those elements that you don’t think about every day, Michael draws out.  Thank you, Michael, for the experience and look forward to future work with you.


The podcast can be found at the following address:  LINK





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